Man in office experiencing work stress

Tips for coping with stress at work


May 17, 2022

Any job can have stressful elements, but there are ways you can reduce work stress.

Even if you love what you do, you may experience pressure to meet a deadline, fulfill a challenging obligation, or master a new task. We can’t always avoid tensions in the workplace, but we can take steps to cope. Here are key stress management strategies to deal with stress at work.

1. Track your stressors

Write down situations that create stress for you. Record your feelings, the circumstances involved and your reactions. Did you raise your voice? Skip a meal? Taking notes can help you find patterns with your stressors and reactions.

2. Develop healthy responses to work stress

Do your best to make healthy choices when you feel work stress arising. Any form of physical activity, like walking and yoga, are great stress busters. Making time for the things that bring you pleasure can help you prevent burnout.

3. Practice boundaries

It’s easy to feel pressure to be available 24 hours a day. Clear boundaries can reduce the potential for work-life conflict. This may include rules like not checking emails while on vacation or not answering the phone during meals.

4. Get support

Accepting help from trusted friends, coworkers and family members can improve your ability to process work stress. Taking time to connect with those close to you is a wise investment!

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