September 1, 2015

Use our calculator to determine how quickly those happy hours can add up

A pint of Yazoo’s Hop Project here. A Bushwacker from Broadway Brewhouse there. Pick your tasty poison, but know that the cost of drinking can add up. And we’re not talking health effects, but actual dollars.

Consider these scenarios:

  • 1 $5 drink, three times a week = $780 annually
  • 1 $5 drink, four times a week = $1,040 annually
  • 2 $5 drinks, three times a week = $1,560 annually
  • 3 $5 drinks, three times a week = $2,340 annually

And that doesn’t even consider tax and tip! Want to know how much you’re shelling out for the sauce? Use our calculator to figure out your annual alcohol budget.

While we’re on the subject: Learn more about the health side of your diet and drink choices in this infographic. Talk to your doctor if you’re ready to make a change.