May 19, 2016

Don’t let the planning, primping and prepping tank your health.


Wedding season is in full swing, and the hustle and bustle of making all the arrangements can leave you feeling frazzled and fatigued. Use these 7 tips to protect your well-being and stay healthy for your wedding day.


1. Ask for help.

If you’re doing all the planning on your own and the stress is becoming too much, find a way to hand off tasks. Hire a wedding planner; it will be worth the extra cost. If that’s not in the budget, ask a bridesmaid or a family member to step in.


2. Move the moon.

You don’t have to plan the honeymoon for directly after walking down the aisle. Plan it for six months out or even at the time of your one-year anniversary. This will help you save money and give you something exciting to look forward to post-wedding.


3. Keep it simple.

If over-the-top plans are leaving you with little time to sleep, simplify the situation. Gain new perspective. The wedding is about expressing your lifetime commitment to one another, not about throwing the biggest bash for everyone you know.


4. Exercise regularly.

Whether you are a runner, a yogi or a gym rat, keep up your routine as much as possible. Exercise relieves stress, and you’ll look and feel great on your special day.


5. Eat whole foods and avoid crash diets.

You might be tempted to try a cleanse or make another radical diet change, but eliminating meals could sap your energy or give you headaches. Instead, reach for plenty of fruits, vegetables and whole grains while avoiding processed snacks. Drink plenty of water, too.


6. Get those eight hours.

Late-night planning sessions will rob you of valuable time in the sack and leave you even more stressed in the morning. Put the laptop, tablet and cellphone away an hour before bed and relax instead.


7. Be mindful and meditate.

Meditation doesn’t have to take a lot of time. Just simply giving yourself 15 to 20 minutes to take deep breaths and turn off your mind each day can do wonders to lower your stress levels.