Tips for Transitioning from 2 to 3 Kids

Tips for transitioning from 2 to 3 kids


September 9, 2016

Now there are 3 kids. Here are tips to make life more manageable once the parents are outnumbered.


Transitioning from two kids to three kids in a household can seem very daunting. I remember the feelings well. When we brought home baby number three, I worried about giving everyone enough attention and if my older children would experience jealously. What I found was, while things were different, it was a good different. We all acclimated to our new normal.

Overall, though we adults were outnumbered, our transition from two kids to three went very smoothly.

Here are a few tips to making life more manageable with a newborn if you find yourself going from “man-on-man” to “zone” parenting:

Give baby-wearing a try.

Many affordable wraps, slings and carriers are on the market these days. I quickly learned two keys to trying a traditional wrap. (Yes, that very long piece of fabric is very intimidating at first!)

  • YouTube is your friend. I was blown away by the numerous video demonstrations for how to wrap and insert the baby correctly for all major carriers, slings and wraps.
  • Wear the wrap in the morning and keep it on all day, adjusting when needed. You will feel a little silly wearing the wrap and not carrying the baby, but it’s very difficult to put on a wrap without dragging it onto the ground. I debuted a wrap with Roxana at 10 days old when one of her brothers had a birthday party to attend. The baby slept peacefully in the wrap during the entire party. As an added bonus, she was well-protected from pre-schooler germs.

Be flexible.

My boys play soccer and are involved in other sports and activities throughout the year. Consequently, a regular napping schedule was not always possible for our newest addition. Often times she would take her naps on the way to or at soccer games. The baby wrap also came in handy here as my hands would be free for photography or snack distribution. Also, a baby keeps you warm on those chilly fall mornings. I know every baby is different and some require a strict napping schedule, but this was not an option for us. Somehow, at 1 year old, Roxana was our best sleeper yet!

Be prepared for some regression.

After the birth of his sister, my second son suddenly needed help with simple tasks such as putting on his socks. I found that going out of my way to give him some daily attention helped a little.

Give your older children age-appropriate tasks.

It was helpful to give my boys jobs related to the baby. From bringing diapers and wipes to feeding the baby, they loved pitching in. It did take a little time for my middle child to get used to no longer being the baby of the house, and these tasks made him feel special.

This post was written by blogger, human resources professional and mother of three Shabnam Aminmadani.


Do you have any tips to add for families expecting a third addition? Share them in the comments below.