September 14, 2016

Consider these ideas for carving out time with each child in the family.


Making time for individual kid dates these days can be difficult, especially when you consider that it’s tough for moms to even go to the bathroom by ourselves.

But I’m here to plea with you to consider doing exactly that.

Regardless of whether you have one child or 17, finding those moments to spend individual time with each child has a multiplying effect.

We’ve often heard the phrase, “quality over quantity,” but when it comes to time with our kids, this is especially true. I’ve learned (sometimes the hard way) that a mere 15 minutes of getting on the floor and playing games with my kids can far surpass a day of running around together when we’re distracted by other things.

So imagine, how would your kids feel if you took them on individual kid dates?

These kid dates don’t have to be elaborate or expensive. With my son, it usually involves getting outdoors, doing something physical or watching him try some new stunts. My daughter tends to want to use our time together to do more girly things like get our nails done or window shop; we always end up getting frozen yogurt.

Sometimes I get really creative with our mommy/daughter dates, like when I came up with an American Girl Doll Scavenger Hunt to surprise her with a new doll.

Or when I planned a “Girl Mom Weekend” to Atlanta to spend time together and talk about the transition from little girl to young woman.

However you decide to spend time individually with your kids, never forget the immortal words of Nike: “Just Do It!”

Here are just a few simple ideas for your individual kid dates:

  • Take your child to dinner at his or her favorite restaurant (even if it’s not as healthy as you’d like).
  • Learn a new hobby together.
  • Get rid of all technology and spend time alone in nature together.
  • Spend time doing one of the child’s passions.
  • Take him or her to a nearby town and explore new places together.
  • When in doubt, just ask what each child would love to do with you.

When you take the time to study your children and then intentionally invest in their lives on a one-on-one basis, the return is immeasurable.

Sami Cone is a blogger, TV and radio personality who encourages families to live their best life on less and pursue their passions. She thrives in Nashville with her husband and two children. You can keep up with her frugal family adventures & travel deals on her blogFacebookTwitter and Instagram.


Have you ever taken the time to go on individual dates with your kids? What has been the most fun for those of you who have? Leave a reply below.