How sleep quality affects weight, hunger and metabolism


May 7, 2021

A dietitian explains how what we eat and drink influences sleep quality, and vice-versa. 

Usually we don’t hear sleep advice from a dietitian. But this video features Madeleine Hallum, a registered dietitian and clinical nutrition coordinator with Health Plus at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. 

Hallum explains how poor sleep quality can affect appetite, hormones and hunger levels – which in turn can make it difficult to lose or maintain weight. Not getting enough sleep regularly, or not sleeping well, can also increase your long-term chances of developing chronic illnesses such as diabetes, obesity and heart disease.

The reverse is also true, Hallum says: Eating and drinking habits can influence how well you sleep.

In this video, Hallum explains the links between sleep quality and nutrition, to help you sleep better and maintain a healthy weight.

This information is presented by Health Plus, which provides resources to support the health of Vanderbilt University Medical Center faculty and staff.