December 17, 2015

Be ready to face the big feasts with this seasonal sustenance quiz.

’Tis the season for full plates, extra helpings, hot toddies and double desserts. Are you in the know about holiday calorie consumption? Put down that gingerbread latte and take this quiz to find out:


1. About how many calories will the average person consume Christmas Day?

A. 2,000
B. 3,000
C. 4,000 – 5,000
D. 6,000 – 7,000

Answer: D. The average person will consume 6,000 to 7,000 calories on Dec. 25, the equivalent of nearly 2 pounds of body weight — and almost three times the FDA’s recommended daily allowance for most adults.

Tip: Cut calories by ditching the eggnog, sticking to only one dessert, and quitting the noshing before you’re full.


2. Which Southern holiday pie favorite is the best choice if you’re watching your waistline?

A. Pumpkin
B. Sweet Potato
C. Pecan

Answer: A. Per slice, pumpkin pie has the least amount of calories, about 315. Sweet potato has about 340, and pecan has about 450.

Tip: If you want to avoid this chunk of calories altogether but crave something sweet, grab some mini candy canes. Three canes equal only 40 calories.


3. What can sabotage your efforts to enjoy a healthy holiday?

A. Family
B. Alcohol
C. Skipping a meal
D. All of the above

Answer: D. Studies have shown we eat more when we’re with family and friends rather than when alone or with strangers. Family obligations also require us to attend several gatherings, and often family members will encourage overeating. Alcohol can lower our inhibitions around food, and it stimulates the hypothalamus, which can increase hunger. It also messes with your blood sugar. And skipping breakfast or lunch can cause you to gorge later.

Tip: Pay attention to what you are eating, and don’t let family or friends pressure you into extra drinks or desserts. Limit yourself to a drink with dinner, and guzzle water throughout the day. Eat a healthy breakfast to avoid feeling starved when festivities begin.


4. How much weight will the average person gain from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Eve?

A. 1 pound
B. 5 pounds
C. 7 pounds
D. 10 pounds

Answer: A. News reports used to trumpet that the average person gained 7 to 10 pounds during the holiday season, but a study has proved this inaccurate. The good news is that the average person gains about 1 pound or less during this time. The bad news? That pound is rarely lost after the holidays and weight tends to creep up over a lifetime.

Tip: In addition to watching what you eat over the holidays, don’t let party plans, gift shopping or other obligations spoil your workout routine. Maintaining an exercise plan and putting in some extra time in December will help keep the numbers on the scale in check.


One last tip: Healthy options will make your life easier. Check out our favorite healthy holiday recipes here!