PTSD affects millions of Americans every year — including here in Tennessee


September 24, 2015

Learn the prevalence and the symptoms of this widespread disorder.

PTSD Symptoms


With four military installations in Tennessee, you may associate post-traumatic stress disorder with veterans. But civilians are also affected by the disorder, and in vast numbers. Serious accidents, natural disasters, man-made tragedies, violent personal attacks and childhood abuse can all trigger PTSD.

People with PTSD experience extreme emotional, mental and physical distress when exposed to situations that remind them of the traumatic event. Some may repeatedly relive the trauma in the form of nightmares and recollections or flashbacks during the day. Symptoms of PTSD fall into four broad categories:

  • Re-experiencing the event
  • Avoiding stimuli associated with the event
  • Mood and cognitive symptoms
  • Increased physiologic arousal

The duration and treatment of PTSD varies, based on the person’s age, health, medication tolerance, expectations and personal preferences.


If you (or a loved one) suffer from PTSD, schedule an appointment with a Vanderbilt counselor to start your path to recovery.