Options abound with 5 Nashville running clubs


November 6, 2015

Find a Nashville running group for beginners, experts or somewhere in between.


Whether you’re a marathon guru or you’re just looking to take a break from the couch potato life, you’ll find a Nashville running group here for you. So charge your Fitbit, lace up those (brand spankin’ new) running shoes and get physical. Bonus: Some groups go for drinks and food after. What more could you want?


East Nasty

Level: All

When: Wednesdays, 6 a.m. and 6 p.m.

Where: Corner of 11th and Holly in East Nashville

Join this east Nashville running club while they run between 3 and 6 miles every Wednesday. More than 150 runners take on the evening run — meet with the morning crew if you’re looking for a smaller group. Most runners can do a 12-minute-mile clip.


Nashville Running Company

Level: All

When: Tuesdays, 7 p.m., and Thursdays, 6 a.m. and 6 p.m.

Where: Tuesdays at the Deep Wells trailhead in Percy Warner Park and Thursdays at the Nashville Running Company West location

Head to the west side for an all-levels run on Tuesdays and Thursdays, led by NRC Race Team (and resident ultramarathon champ) Beth Meadows. Up for the trail run? Don’t forget a headlamp!


Tin Roof 2 Runnin’ Crew

Level: All

When: Mondays, 6 p.m.

Where: Tin Roof 2 in Cool Springs

Your assignment: Come hungry to the Tin Roof 2 Runnin’ Crew. Runners and walkers are welcome to the Cool Springs pub run, which is sponsored by Fleet Feet Sports. Stay after for drinks and an amazing pizzadilla.


Brentwood Breakfast Club

Level: All

When: Thursdays, 6 a.m.

Where: Locations vary from week to week

If a post-run drink ain’t your thing, try the Brentwood Breakfast Club. This 6 a.m. run/walk ranges from 4 to 6 miles, then hits a different breakfast joint every week. We can’t think of a better way to start the morning.


Nashville Striders

Level: All

When: Saturdays, 8 a.m.

Where: Percy Warner Park

Head behind the steeplechase off Old Hickory to get your weekend started with one of Nashville’s oldest running clubs. Beware: This 5-mile run is moderately hilly, so don’t forget to stretch those calves!


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