March 8, 2017

It’s about more than gifts. Make your child’s special day memorable with these fun birthday ideas.


March is a special month for my family because my husband and my son have birthdays within a few days of each other. That means there is a lot of activity and festivity, as well as many opportunities to make each of them feel special. At our house, we’ve created a few birthday traditions that I hope our children will remember and carry on with their own families. When I look back on my most memorable birthdays, I don’t remember the gifts. I remember what my parents did to make the day special. How I felt and how I was treated on those special days is what showed me I was loved.

For me, birthdays are a chance to give my children memories that will last a lifetime. Here are five of our favorite birthday traditions.

1. Make it Birthday Week.

In the weeks preceding a birthday, I collect lots of little gifts for my child. I like to give something to open each day of the week leading up to his or her birthday. This is not about over-the-top presents. This is about little things (think dollar store) that remind him that his birthday is coming up, and we as a family are excited to celebrate it. For my son, I’ll do a new pack of crayons, a Matchbox car or a new ball to throw. For my daughter, it might be a new hair bow or a tube of ChapStick. The important part is the packaging, so be sure to wrap in fun paper and ribbon. Half the fun is opening the present.

2. Make the birthday boy or girl’s favorite cake.

At our house, you get to pick what kind of cake you want on your birthday. My kids don’t ask for a traditional birthday cake. We have a favorite family recipe of a Buttermilk Cake with Chocolate Sauce that has been passed down for generations. They love it, and it’s what they usually request.

3. Have a special birthday breakfast.

We either go get doughnuts for breakfast (a rare treat) or we do something fun and out-of-the-ordinary at home, like Whole Wheat Waffles topped with whipped cream. I love starting birthdays off with something fun for a special morning celebration.

4. No chores on your birthday.

Our kids are free from doing their regular chores on their birthdays. They can rest and relax or play with their toys while everyone else does their chores. It’s our gift to them.

5. Going first.

At our house, your birthday pretty much makes you the star of the day. Not only do you forgo your chores, you also get to go first all day! It’s a great way to teach your children about honoring others and appreciating when others honor them.

We make a huge deal about birthdays because I want my kids to feel special and loved. I want them to know that they’re a wonderful gift to me.

This post was written by Kelly Hancock, who blogs about parenting, faith and all the best deals on her money-saving blog, Faithful Provisions.



What are your favorite traditions to make your children feel special on their birthdays? Share them in the comments below.