January 1, 2022

Use our infographic to select the best winter produce in Tennessee.


guide to winter produce in tennessee

Sticking to the same list of veggies and fruits all year long isn’t necessarily the best decision. According to the Nashville Farmers’ Market, knowing what produce is in-season can help you save money and get winter produce in Tennessee at its freshest, most delicious flavor peak.

Our city doesn’t have as many options for in-season winter produce as we do in summer, but take advantage of the items that are available for a few chilly months. For example, pumpkins don’t have to just be for carving. Try making your favorite pumpkin recipe with a fresh pumpkin from the local market rather than a can off the supermarket shelf. Or pick up a butternut squash for an easy and tasty roasted side dish.

If eating seasonally is important to you, consider signing up for a CSA. That stands for community-supported agriculture. A CSA lets you buy a season’s worth of produce in advance, for weekly or bi-weekly delivery. You’ll receive a box of the freshest, most in-season vegetables, fruits or meats from local farmers. Worried you won’t know what to do with some of the items? Don’t be afraid to ask for recipes or advice on how to prepare them. Joining a CSA can be a fun way to try and experiment with new, fresh ingredients.

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