November 15, 2016

Stop worrying about the mess and allow kids free, untidy time to explore their creative sides.


Fostering creativity in your children is important. Many believe that creativity is an inborn talent. I can tell you that’s not the case. It’s a skill parents can help their kids develop.

I believe creativity is a huge factor in health and happiness. Being creative doesn’t only mean that someone is very artistic or good with music. It can also be seen in education. People who are creative are more flexible than those who aren’t. They tend to deal with change better.

How can you foster your child’s creativity?

1. Have the resources they will need on hand.

This seems like an obvious one, but having supplies helps make creativity more accessibly for children.

2. Provide an environment that caters to being creative.

Have “creative stations” around your home. Paint your walls with chalkboard paint to provide instant creativity. Some other ideas would be hanging artwork around the home, having musical instruments out to play during the day, listening to different types of music each day and providing lots of time for your child to brainstorm.

3. Don’t always be a “No” parent.

Try saying “Yes” more to your kids. Allow their creative juices to flow, even if it means them making a mess. This has been an area I’ve really had to work on since becoming a parent. I like everything nice and neat and in order. After having kids, I’ve had to work on saying “yes” more when they want to drag out a project or experiment.

4. Limit the TV and any screen.

Encourage children to read for fun more and get involved with the arts. My son took piano lessons and art classes. Let your kids make up a play and then put on a show for the family.

Crafts are a huge part of our life, even if it means messing up the kitchen. One time, we made a pumpkin out of torn up pieces of construction paper. I let the boys cut out the pumpkin, tear the pieces of paper and glue. Of course there was glue on the countertops, but the experience they had was priceless.

Make a point to sit down with your child(ren) this week and explore their creative side.

This post was written by Meghan Tucker, a mother and a blogger at She loves traveling, blogging, photography and doing laundry.