April 16, 2018

Go green together with these fun ideas.


On Earth Day, April 22, what will you be doing to celebrate Mother Nature? We’ve got five great ideas with Music City Southern flair.


1. Plant a tree or trees.

One of the most popular Earth Day traditions is planting a tree. Pick a Southern favorite like a magnolia, crepe myrtle, peach, pecan or dogwood to add to your yard. Or check with your church or school to see if they are organizing a tree-planting event for their grounds or a nearby park. Find tree and shrub options at your favorite gardening center.


2. Organize a neighborhood cleanup party.

Nashville is made up of neighborhoods with little neighborhood pockets. Use social media or a neighborhood listserv to corral your community. Together you can pick up trash that’s blown around over winter and early spring, and take care of any other beautification projects that need tackling.


3. Host a swap.

Clean out your closets, drawers and cabinets ahead of time. Gather unused clothing, kitchen items, furniture and even beauty products. Encourage your friends or neighbors to do the same, and then host a swap. Anything remaining after the swap can be donated to a charity or secondhand store. Repurposing or upcycling unused items — instead of sending them to the landfill — is one of the best things we can do for our planet. As an added bonus, you’ll have less clutter.


4. Host a 100-mile potluck in your backyard.

Take advantage of Tennessee’s incredible local produce, dairy, meat and eggs. Encourage friends and family to bring a food dish made mostly with locally sourced ingredients (found within 100 miles) from area farmers. These items can be found at natural foods grocers or local butchers. Eating locally reduces your carbon footprint. Stumped on recipes? Check out our favorites here.


5. Get outside.

Whatever you choose to do on Earth Day, make sure you spend some time in the great outdoors. Walk a primitive path and scout for birds at Shelby Bottoms Greenway, hike a hilly trail at Percy and Edwin Warner Parks or head to Radnor Lake for a peaceful stroll.