Healthy and easy snacks for kids.

Recipe roundup: Healthy and simple snacks to make with kids


April 21, 2023

Need ideas for crowd-pleasing treats? Boost your little ones’ nutrition with these simple snacks to make with kids.

Red, White & Blue Yogurt Parfaits

It’s a double triple threat: It’s got just three ingredients, and it’s a perfect option for breakfast, a snack or an easy, healthy dessert. If you use farm-fresh berries, you may be able to forego a flavored Greek yogurt in favor of low-fat plain. They’ll never guess it’s as healthy as it is!

Red, white and blue yogurt parfait.

Homemade Hummus

You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to make this protein-rich snack fave at home. Whipping it up yourself will allow you to control the sodium content and to add ingredients your little ones love (or to leave out the ones they don’t). The black bean option here is especially kiddo-friendly — just leave out the cayenne if they’re not fond of heat.

Hummus dip.

Healthy Trail Mix

Skip the processed chips, cookies and crackers and ask the kiddos to help you concoct a go-to snack mix. You’ll be able to keep the cravings at bay with this trail mix recipe, which offers sustenance — dried fruit, whole wheat, almonds — alongside treats like popcorn and chocolate chips.

Trail mix bowl filled with raisins and various nuts.

Vanilla Banana Almond Smoothie

A healthier riff on that warm-weather standby, the milkshake, this homemade protein smoothie will satisfy even the sweetest of little sweet teeth. Bonus: It also makes for a great breakfast treat to break up the cereal-and-milk monotony.

Vanilla banana almond smoothie.

No-bake Granola Bars

Turn to these 15-minute no-bake bars when you need a snack on the quick (or when you want an easy-to-make baking activity for the kids). This is filled with kiddo-approved flavors (honey and peanut butter) and mom-approved ingredients (dates, almonds and rolled oats). Add this to your list of easy and healthy snacks for kids!

Granola bars laying on parchment paper.

Cowboy Caviar

Use your kiddos’ love of anything “chips and dip” to get them to branch out with a batch of this bean-and-veggie dip. It’s easy to modify, so feel free to leave out the bell pepper or add in some tomato. Whatever you think might entice!

Cowboy caviar dip.