10 tips for summer pregnancy comfort

10 tips for summer pregnancy comfort


June 6, 2016

Being pregnant in the summer has a few added challenges, but these tips will help you stay comfortable.

It has been nine years since I birthed my first son on a hot Nashville summer day in July.

The thermometer read 93 outside.

When my daughter was born in June, three years later, it was only a little cooler at 82.

Being pregnant is never easy, and the summer heat only makes it more taxing. So I want to use my experience to teach you how to be more comfortable while pregnant in the summer.

The fact of the matter is this – no matter how hot it is outside, you will always feel hotter.

With this summer expected to be a scorcher, here are 10 things I learned during my summer pregnancies:

Drink lots of water.

I know it’s hard because you have to go to the bathroom every five minutes anyway, but seriously, staying hydrated is so important when it is hot outside.

Keep your feet elevated to prevent swelling.

Swelling for some is inevitable, but putting your feet up will help to reduce swelling. My feet were so swollen at the end of my first pregnancy, my husband would teasingly say, “yabba dabba do!”

Wear comfortable, supportive shoes.

I could only wear flip flops at the end of my pregnancies, but this didn’t mean the 99 cent kind. The bigger you get, the more likely you are to have back pain or even a fall, so wear smart shoes to prevent both!

Take a nap.

The heat can make you tired, so if you are able to take a nap, do it. Your body will feel better, and goodness knows, you will be sleep deprived in the months to come.

Stay cool.

It is important to stay cool when you are pregnant, so crank up that AC and be comfortable. You certainly don’t want to faint from the heat.

Go for a swim.

I gained 50 to 60 pounds with each of my children and what they say is true – you are weightless when you swim. So go for a swim. The water is refreshing in the heat, you get a little exercise, and that belly doesn’t feel so heavy. (Side note: My daughter was breach, so I did try doing handstands in the pool to get her to flip. Sadly the old wives tale didn’t work. Thankfully, I had a successful external cephalic version at Vanderbilt, so things did eventually work out.)

Wear breathable clothing.

Opt for clothing that is breathable, which will keep sweat to a minimum and help you stay comfortable.

Use a medicated body powder.

Powder was a lifesaver for me! Rubbing powder on those areas that sweat a lot prevented chafing and heat rashes.

Eat healthy, cool treats.

Skip the ice cream and go for smoothies or frozen fruit bars instead, which are less caloric and healthier than their cold dairy counterpart.

Don’t overdo it!

A lot of preparation is needed for a baby, but don’t tackle too much of that to do list at one time. Toward the end of both of my pregnancies, I needed to succumb to the fact that I couldn’t shop all day – or even all afternoon.

Know your limits and listen to your body.

If you are currently pregnant, please accept my congratulations on your sweet baby and my sympathies on the summer you are about to endure. I promise, it is all worth it, but I am grateful to NOT be pregnant this summer.

Jessica Turner is a former member of Vanderbilt’s social media team. She loves spending time with her family, memory keeping and blogging on her popular lifestyle blog, The Mom Creative.