January 9, 2017

It’s too cold to go out. Here are ideas for activities for toddlers that also help create quality time together.


Toddlers are incredibly active, but most days are now too cold for playing outdoors. Below is some advice for great winter/indoor playing ideas for toddlers.

Here are 7 to try (and to spark your imagination):

1. Create an indoor ball pit.

Buy some balls online and use them in the bathtub or an inflatable pool. In the summer, this will easily transition to a kiddie pool for the deck or yard.

2. Build a fort.

Siblings have made some of their favorite memories building forts and imagining other worlds in their playrooms. Toddlers already love it when we hide under the bed covers, so why not try out a full-blown fort?

3. Stage story time.

Reading is perfect for any season and there are so many benefits. Cuddle up in pajamas and read right before bed or make it a daytime activity – or both!

4. Seize the moment.

Nashville weather can be fickle and winter days (or just an hour or two) can be unseasonably warm. Seize these opportunities to get outside – go to a park, to a playground or on a nature walk to see how many winter animals you can spot.

5. Create craft time.

What toddler doesn’t love bright colors and art? Here’s one mess-free activity: Pour several different colors of acrylic paint into a gallon size Ziploc bag, lay it flat on a table and let your child move the colors around. This is great sensory play and a lesson in how colors blend to make the others.

6. Make time for music.

Pots and pans can be favorite toddler toys. Get out some big pots, turn on some catchy music and let your child go to town with a wooden spoon.

7. Get up and dance.

What songs get your toddler moving in the car when they come on the radio? Create a Spotify playlist with songs you know he loves. Have dance parties in your PJs, laugh, be goofy.

Whatever activities you pick, the key is being present and spending quality time with your child.


How do you keep your children active and entertained during the winter months? Share in the comments below.