6 reasons you can’t achieve your New Year’s Resolution


February 12, 2019

Struggling with your health related resolution? We can help you avoid these pitfalls.


Fail 1: Your goal is unattainable. Your resolution is to run 3 miles every day but you’ve never run more than 2 — ever. You’ve set yourself up for quick failure.

Solution: Set a weekly rather than a daily goal. For beginners, heading to Shelby Bottoms Greenway or Centennial Park three times a week is much more feasible than a daily pounding on sore legs.


Fail 2: You aren’t taking baby steps. If your goal is to give up sugar, but you’re used to drinking two sodas a day, you’re likely experiencing withdrawal.

Solution: Work on giving up the soda first. Then take a look at what other sugar-heavy items are going into your body.


Fail 3: You didn’t enlist support. It’s easy to say no to yourself but harder to say no if you’re on the hook with a friend or group to exercise.

Solution: Join a 30-day yoga challenge or a four-week boot camp with a friend. You’ll form a healthy habit and enjoy the camaraderie.


Fail 4: You made too many resolutions. You’ve vowed to get 45 minutes of cardio every day, eliminate processed foods, save money, keep the house spotless, never let the laundry pile up — oh and to floss religiously. Change for the better is great, but striving for perfection breeds disappointment.

Solution: Set just one or two attainable goals at a time, and once they become habits, make new ones.


Fail 5: You made a resolution that doesn’t fit your lifestyle. You’re not a morning person, but you set a goal to swim laps first thing. Good luck getting out of that warm bed and into that cold pool!

Solution: Have a lunchtime swim at Centennial Sportsplex, a nearby YMCA or your favorite gym. Don’t force a habit on yourself that’s never going to work for you.


Fail 6: You fell off the wagon, so why bother? Missing a workout or eating a “forbidden” food doesn’t mean the whole year is lost. You can make a resolution anytime — day or night.

Solution: Don’t let the calendar or the clock dictate when you make life changes. And remember, your past is not your potential.

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