3 winter hydration tips for this winter


February 26, 2019

02_16 Hydration Factoid

Fancy a run outside during the cold months? Don’t overlook the importance of winter hydration.

When you think of dehydration, do you picture a hot and sunny summer day? If so, that might explain why winter runners aren’t properly hydrating.

Despite the cold temperatures, your body is still sweating and needs to be refueled. Here are three winter hydration tips to help you stay hydrated throughout the cold season.

Remind yourself to drink water.

Maybe a cold glass of water doesn’t sound like it would hit the spot after a run in the cold … but you need to drink it. Researchers have discovered “the loss of fluid from our bodies, which triggers thirst in warmer weather, does not elicit the same response when the temperatures dip.” Even though your body may not feel hot or thirsty, it might still need hydration as cold temperatures can reduce the body’s thirst sensation by up to 40 percent. So set yourself on a water schedule and stick to it.

Warm up yourself … and your water

Though we suggest a bottle of water on a run or during other outdoor activities, once you get home feel free to enjoy warm black or green tea. The calorie-free drink may be more appetizing than cold water while still helping you stay hydrated. Not a tea fan? Consider adding a lemon or lime squeeze to plain hot water.

Eat hydrating foods

Preventing dehydration doesn’t just have to come solely from sipping water. Make sure your diet is filled with hydrating food choices such as celery and cucumbers. Find more foods known to hydrate courtesy of ACTIVE.

Winter skin?

Is the weather wreaking havoc on your epidermis? Check out some skin tips to keep this important outer layer of your body healthy all season.