January 17, 2024

Has boredom set in? Use these 10 snow day activities to keep your kids entertained all day long!

Snow days. While they can provide an opportunity for fun with my family, at a point, everyone is ready to return to our normal routine.

If you find yourself needing some new activities to keep the peace and pass the time, here are 10 simple ideas for today’s snow day.

  1. Make colored ice cubes to paint the snow: This is a simple and fun idea. Simply put food coloring in ice cube trays of water and then add toothpicks. When they freeze, send your kids outside to paint the snow with the colored cubes.
  2. Build a snowman: If you haven’t yet built a snowman, today is the day. When the snow is beginning to melt, it is the right consistency to create the perfect snowman. Add charcoal eyes and a carrot nose, and you’ll be all set.
  3. Print coloring sheets: Though my kids have dozens of coloring books, they get so excited when I print coloring sheets from the Internet. Simply search for their favorite character + the words “coloring sheet” and many options will come up.
  4. Write letters: Sending snail mail is becoming a lost art form. Use the day off as an opportunity to write to some family or friends. If your kids are too young for writing letters, have them draw a picture to send. I have found that my kids get as excited to send the letter as the recipient is to receive it.
  5. Make snow ice cream: Use some of the remaining snow to make snow ice cream. It’s sweet and delicious. Plus, the recipe is so simple, the kids can help! This has been a huge hit when our family has made it.
  6. Document the day: Chances are, we won’t have many more snow days like this anytime soon, so use the day off as an excuse to document the day. Take photos of what life looks like on this day off – the messes that are made, the snow fun, the meals, the treats, everything. Capture the beauty of this special time. Years from now, you will be so grateful for the photos you took.
  7. Play dress up: Let your kids raid your closet and play dress up. My daughter loves to get into my jewelry box, scarf collection and shoes.
  8. Cut snowflakes: As the snow is melting, make the snow fun last longer by cutting some snowflakes out and taping them to your kids’ windows. You can use construction paper, printing paper or even coffee filters for this easy project. If you want to get extra crafty, search online for tutorials on making intricate designs.
  9. Read: A good book is always a smart way to pass the time. Read some books aloud, or if your children are older, read independently, but together.
  10. Have a movie marathon: If you are feeling activitied out, keep it simple and have a movie marathon. Pop some popcorn, snuggle up in a cozy blanket and watch a flick or two together.

Snow days can be inconvenient, but they are also an awesome opportunity to make memories with your kids. Hopefully these ideas will inspire you to make the best of snow days.

Jessica Turner is a mom of three, author and former member of Vanderbilt University Medical Center’s social media team. She blogs at The Mom Creative. 

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